Shawn Creel

Notable Exhibitions and Recognition

-Recipient of the Golden Key Award - Best 3-Dimensional - Downtown Disney Wet Side - 1998

-Student Art Exhibit - MOMA - 1999

-King Center for the Preforming Arts - 1999, 2000

-Upside Gallery - Art of Healing - 2020

-Robot Love V - Foosaner Museum - 2021

-Abstraction: Retrospective Memories - Foosaner Museum - 2021

-Brevard Live Magazine - February 2021 

Born on a small family farm in Northern Alabama, Shawn embraced his love and passion for art, architecture and science at a very young age. He spent countless hours drawing, building and creating out of anything he could get his hands on despite facing ridicule by the community and at times punishment by school teachers. 

"An artist never quits art. Its who you are, It's in your core. The drive, the unquenchable urge to create never goes away."

Shawn moved with his family to Melbourne Fl. in 1993 and found himself in an environment where his passion for art was not only accepted but encouraged. Shawn entered and won many High School and College Level Art Competitions including Best 3-Dimensional Artist at Walt Disney World's Downtown Disney West Side and received the Golden Key Award. His art went on to be displayed at a student exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art. 

After graduating from Satellite High School, Shawn pursued art, studying under experienced artists as Nancy Dillon, Bob Coon and Baxter Rains. After a brief stent in New York, Shawn returned home in September of 2001 and accepted a position as art consultant with Gary Propper (Propper Entertainment). After the birth of his second child, Shawn found himself raising two young children alone and switched gears, putting his ambition for art "on the back burner" while providing for his children. Shawn pursued and achieved a parallel ambition in the world of architecture and currently manages the East Coast Division of a well respected architectural firm. Never giving up or selling out, Shawn continued to create private commissioned art through the years.

Upon discovering his teenage daughters newly found talent and passion for art, the "fire inside" rekindled. With a newly found ally, the two began cultivating a new generation of art.

"It should never be about money. It should always be about the art."

Keeping true to his belief that art is meant to express emotion, invoke thought and tell a story. Shawn continues to work in the architectural industry, and creating work true to his beliefs. Profits made from the sells of certain reproductions are donated to charities to end homelessness and provide homes for low income families. 

"Its the world as I see it. Can you see what I see?"

Alyssa Creel

Notable Exhibitions and Recognition

-Robot Love V - Foosaner Museum - 2021

Student Artist Alyssa Creel is the daughter of Shawn Creel. Born and raised in Melbourne Florida she found a passion for the Arts in 2016 and began developing her natural skills and talents, quickly developing her own style. Growing up without her mother and living with her older brother and father, she choses art as an outlet to express her thoughts and emotions. Focused on these Raw Emotions, she sets her work apart in Primal Abstract Expresionism and Surrealism to envoke her true inner self.